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We strive to provide highest quality of service at competitive price.

Various pricing options are listed below

  • Flat Hourly Rate –If the project size can’t be determined before the start of our engagement, we charge at the rate of $110 per hour. We may charge at lower rates based on the experience of our consultant, location of engagement and the type of service.
  • Negotiated Rates – We work with you to determine the size and duration of the services. In this case we provide you with an estimate of the effort.
  • Fixed Priced Services – From time to time we announce fixed price for services like performance tuning, PC support etc. For these types of services, charges as announced on the date of service are applicable. Price difference is adjusted for up to 15 days.
  • Membership - Instead of having to pay every time you need help, a membership is like having unlimited access to your own IT department. We announce memberships for service specific areas at predetermined rates.
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