Terms and Conditions

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By opting to receive our services, you consent to below listed terms and conditions:

  • You agree to let Confluence Intl Inc work on your data and systems. We will only perform services as requested by you. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service, but specific results cannot be guaranteed.
  • You understand that in the process of working on your computer systems, there is a potential for data loss. You agree that you have taken necessary backups of your data so that, in the event of such loss, the data can be restored. Confluence Intl Inc will not be responsible for data loss nor will we be responsible for restoring lost data.
  • You authorize us to install any other necessary software on your computer to perform required services. All software will be removed upon completion of the service.
  • Your system will not be intentionally harmed. In the case of accidental damage to your system or data loss caused by already existing problems; you agree to not hold Confluence Intl Inc responsible.
  • Free support will be provided for problems to be resolved from the service ordered that were not resolved. After 30 days from the date on the invoice, Confluence Intl Inc will no longer offer free support.
  • Warranty work will only be covered if it is related to the services rendered before.
  • All services and repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of receiving the service.
  • If your environment is not compatible with the requested services, Confluence Intl Inc will inform you of the constraints.
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